Rant #117: It’s Getting Dark Out Here, Where is the Light?

Rant 117

When culture gets more and more ungodly, why is the natural tendency for a Christian to run?

Why do we flee from culture instead of to culture? And why do we let it influence us, and not the other way around?

If all of the light hides itself under a basket, then we lose the influence of the light on the world. The only thing that makes light light is the exposure to darkness. So quit retreating. Engage.

What are the unknown gods in our culture? And how are we using those to get to the gospel? (See Acts 17)

You ought to know what music is popular. You shouldn’t necessarily like it, but you ought to know. What movies are popular? You may not need to watch them, but you ought to know. You need to read the news with discernment. You need to see what kids are doing and what kids are watching.

Did you know they’re taking shots of Fireball? Cinnamon flavored whisky. And the marketing is brilliant. They’re going after young people. They’re not going to get the sophisticated whisky snobs; they’re going get the young people. Did you know that?

What is the next generation intrigued by?

Does it matter? Yes. I think it does. If we anchor in irrelevance, we have no open door to speak into their life. The more we hide in the church context, the more we become irrelevant, and we just confirm what they already think, and that is: we don’t have a clue. They picture us like monks and nuns hanging out in church just waiting for heaven.

And many of us are.

I’d rather be behind enemy lines reaching out to the kids engaged in these behaviors – trying to win them to Christ.



Bullet Points

• Go sit at the mall and watch.

• Go shop at a store that you think is disgusting, and look around.

• Pull up the billboard top 100 songs on Spotify and listen. The biggest theologians of our day are the musicians who don’t have a clue about God this side of heaven, but they’re talking about all kinds of things that kids are eating up.

Brad Bell

Brad Bell

Founding pastor of The Well Community Church, international speaker, and author of Walking With A Limp.

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